Compassion Net International

Compassion Net International
Helping children with hearing loss in Fujian, China


Compassion Net International provides Auditory Oral training, hearing screening and hearing aids for hearing impaired children from poor families in Fujian Province, China.
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Making a difference


Make a difference in the lives of hearing impaired Chinese children from poor families by helping them to learn and use spoken language.


How You

Can Help
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As in other countries all over the world, there are children in China who have been born with hearing loss or who have acquired it through illness or accident. There are hearing impaired children in Fujian Province who are from families who find it financially difficult or impossible to provide hearing aids and special training and education for their child due to their low income. More...


New Hope Recovery Center
Free Auditory Oral education


Volunteers and Interns
Short and long term opportunities are available to help the children of China hear.

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You may not be able to work alongside Mary in China, but you can offer support and encouragement by sending your donation to CNI through PayPal, using our safe and easy payment form.


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