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CNI depends on the gifts of individuals, foundations, churches and organizations for the financial resources needed to serve hearing impaired children from low income families.
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  • Sponsor a child at New Hope Recovery Center and School
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CNI has given free hearing health care and free hearing aids to over 600 children in several Fujian cities including:
Fuzhou, Zhangzhou, Samming, Nanping, Putian, Minhou, Longyan, and Luoyuan. All the work so far has been accomplished by volunteers and private donations.



Child Sponsorship
Sponsor a child

A monthly gift of $35.00 will help sponsor a hearing impaired child at New Hope Recovery Center and School. In a loving, residential environment the children receive:

  • Specialized speech, language, and listening skill training
  • Pre-school and Elementary Instruction
  • Hearing health care services
  • Residential accommodations if living at New Hope and care

Fujian Hearing Project

The Fujian Hearing Project is an ongoing two-stage intervention providing free hearing aids for hearing impaired children from low income families.

  • Local & Provincial officials from the China Disabled Persons Federation identify the children for screening
  • Volunteer North American hearing health professionals pay their own airfare to Fujian Province to screen the children
  • Hearing aids are purchased with donations, as well as, donated by individuals, corporations, and foundations
  • A second team of North American and Chinese volunteers fit the children with their free hearing aids

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Support the work of Compassion Net International

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Lend a hand

Support the work of Compassion Net International

You may not be able to work alongside Mary in China, but you can offer support and encouragement by sending your donation to CNI through PayPal.


Child Sponsorships
Make a difference!

Sponsoring a child at New Hope Recovery Center and School for just $35.00 a month will help change a hearing impaired child's life. Your monthly gift will help cover the cost (currently over $300 a month) of ongoing specialized Auditory Oral training and education, care giving, meals (for a child who stays all day or boards at New Hope), and hearing health services.

Here's how to get started:  Donate your sponsorship gift of $35.00 at our secure online “Donate” service with your credit card or PayPal. You may also mail your sponsorship check to Compassion Net International.

With your donation, please note on the memo line “New Sponsor”. We will send you the name of a child who needs sponsoring, his or her story and a picture. At least once a year you will receive correspondence from your child.

Your decision to sponsor a child at New Hope will make a life changing difference for a hearing impaired child from a low income family.

Donate online safely and securely with your credit card through Paypal.

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